Jet Boat Tours

We offer daily connections to the Jet Boats going to the Bridge to nowhere, leaving at 7.00 am in the morning stopping along the way for a hot drink and muffins before we connect with the Jet Boat Company at 10.00am, as soon as everyone is booked in they will leave for the Bridge to Nowhere.

The Jet Boat trip is about 45 min to the landing near the Bridge to Nowhere and another 45 min easy walk to the Bridge to Nowhere with an experienced local tour guide, you will have a hot drink and biscuits while enjoying the views. Coming back is the same distance (all together 4 hours) there and back by Jet Boat to Pipiriki. If you prefer you can stay over in Pipirki in the cottage or cabins or the camping grounds and come back with us the next day and continue your journey or cycle back on your own time and stay over in one of the lodges along the River Road.

On the weekends the connection to the Jet Boat needs a minimum of three people.